The Chinese alphabet symbol is a wild symbol in this game, and if you manage to rotate 5 matching symbols, this icon can reward up to 10,000 coins. Since this is a wild symbol, it can also replace other icons in the game to create more potential victories. If you rotate 5 matching symbols, the dragon symbol is spread and you can pay up to 100 times the total bet.


This free background is the Spartan slot machine game which is a battle scene with a scroll on it. We can see the slot reel on the wood. We like the green background of the scroll. We really appreciate the green background because it gives the game a very natural look, especially on wood. Golden symbol placed on a green background. These golden symbols give the image of wealth. We really want our soldiers to be fully prepared for the battle, only the best armor.


Imagine going back to the past and returning to prehistoric times when huge, often dangerous creatures ruled the land. RTG awakens these huge lives in the T-Rex slot machine game, named after Tyrannosaurus Rex, the biggest and most terrifying of all the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. Along with a lot of real sounds, images and graphics, you'll encounter dinosaur eggs, volcanoes, and various prehistoric plant and dinosaur species from stegosaurus to dangerous Tyrannosaurus rex on the reel. Playing cards have also been carefully designed to suit prehistoric themes (although we hope that slot machine manufacturers will limit these symbols to video poker games rather than slot machines).


The game has enough paylines to provide five reels, ensuring that players have a fair and reasonable chance to win at any time. The game also displays each payline number on either side of the reel, saving the player time to return and forward between info windows. This is a very useful inclusion for the game, just a small example of what Playtech tried and offered to the customer. There is no doubt that Sun Wukong will impress his slot machine with his honor.



Yun Cong Long is very loosely translated as "Cloud Dragon", which is a clue to Playtech's five-axis 40-line slot style. The golden dragon is entwined on a red reel, in stark contrast to the simple and attractive charcoal paintings of mountains and clouds.