Fortune Treasure is a beautiful example of a well-designed universe, and the entire universe is pleading for exploration by the rotating player. The reel may occupy a large portion of the game screen, but the background landscape is still clearly visible. In autumn, this action takes place in an elegant wooden pavilion, in the middle of a huge garden. The changing leaves fall around the beautiful structure, frame reels and command buttons with red and gold ornaments.





Wealth Treasure is an impressive slot machine game with unique recognition capabilities. This is a good start, but let's get into the game right away. To be a huge success in a treasure trove, you need to know a little about odds. Most of these symbols are classic, with Chinese-style design and some more original. Let's take a look at the full menu here, along with some examples of cash rewards. The card icon actually constitutes the majority of the payment schedule, from the usual order from the 10th to the Ace. You must place the same type of 3, 4 or 5 on the activated payline to trigger a cash reward, which can be 10 to 100 times the current bet value. Dragon bracelets, paper lanterns and lucky charms are more elusive on the reels, but they are also more valuable. The highest reward is 200 times the value of your bet, and there are many other ways to win more Fortune Treasures.