The Xuan Pu Lian Huan video slot is another penny slot machine that allows you to bet a penny per rotation, but it can also make higher bets if it suits your preferences. If you use a single payline (middle) and choose the minimum line bet of 0.01 chips, you can spend only 0.01 chips per round. But if you activate all 25 paylines and increase the line bet to 0.17, you can spend up to 12.5 on each press of the spin button.





Most of the symbols in this online ad slot are paid only from left to right, and their payline wins are multiplied by your line bet. Dispersion is an exception. It can be paid in two ways or multiplied by your total bet size. The regular payment schedule has 2 sets of symbols, 5 animals (tiger, monkey, turtle, panda and donkey) and 6 card symbols (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9). The most valuable are the animals, where the tiger and the monkey give you the line to bet 750x with the highest return collection of 5 and 2-125x your line bet to collect the same symbols as 2-4. The 9-card symbol can also pay 2 times the line bet for 2 identical symbols on the payline, but when you have a combination of 5 A on your active payline, you get from any of these "cards" You can get up to 150 times. Due to the low stakes offered by this game, if you play this game for free, the only way to be more affordable. Fortunately, such an option exists, which can be found in various Playtech online casinos, although none of them gives you the opportunity to cash in on what you won in the free-to-play mode unless you ask for a free spin bonus or other similar reward. . In most casinos, you don't even need to save money to enjoy a free game demo, but just sign up for an account. However, if you don't want to go to the casino, feel free to use our own free Xuanpu chain slot machine. But for every spin line, there is only a quarter of each spin, and even if you play real money, the slot won't cost too much. And all you need to start betting on real cash is to sign up at an online casino and transfer the deposit to your account. You will be happy. There are many great casinos on the internet, with licenses, guarantees, and simple banking options such as Visa, Neteller, Paysafe, etc. Many of them have fair payment policies and free deposits and withdrawals. To find the best casino, do some shopping first. If this is your first time playing a slot machine, you can also save some time to learn more about the low limit slot to better understand how the game works.