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JSB is Asia's leading online game content provider. We took the lead in developing 5 categories of online gambling.

 The big data analysis system exclusively developed by the JDB team can further understand player behaviors and accurately analyze market trends, allowing customers to easily grasp business opportunities.

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Jiaduobao has been committed to the development of online games for a long time, and is especially good at developing online games with Chinese style.

Play JDB Slot Game

Through Jiaduobao's professional big data analysis, it accurately analyzes market trends and player behaviors to provide customers with highly competitive game products.

Play JDB Slot Game

JDB has developed a safe and reliable monitoring system to provide customers with good customer service and allow players to enjoy the best gaming experience.

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Ready to humble runble? Try out some amazing JDB games here!

Open Sesame
Open Sesame

A video slot machine with five reels and 20 paylines, Open Sesame is full of interesting ways to win. This free online slot game is very interesting, you only need to find a matching combination on an enabled payline to win. Las Vegas-style slot machines are known for their stylish graphics depicting the wealth of monarchs, and this excellent game is very tempting and will make you come back again.

War Of Empire
War Of Empire

JDB's first battle slot machine-WAR OF EMPIRES, Victor is king, take all the treasures! Tired of traditional slot machines? Empire of War allows you to enjoy the thrill of slot machines and tower defense at the same time! Mana Cost activates REEL, if you are lucky enough to receive 3 identical weapon symbols, you can attack the enemy's tower! Successfully consume durability to occupy the tower, you will get all enemy coins and get an extra bonus multiplier! If you want to be the king of the empire, join in and take your treasure now!

Super Niubi Deluxe
Super Niubi Deluxe

The bulls are raging, trying to break through! The game has now been upgraded with mashups, which means there are more chances to win big wins, which is very high-888 times the bet! Go for a drive and join the super deluxe version of JDB. The developers of the new popular game have just released their latest 1×3 reel slot game, SUPER NIUBI DELUXE! 

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