Samurai is a slot game based in ancient Japan, this is a really nice slot machine game with a good feel to it. Samurai is definitely very polished in presentation and has amazing game features.



Can the excellent graphics, funny melody, progressive jackpot impress you much? But even the most exacting audience couldn’t imagine Bonus Bears slot game bring in 5 kinds of happiness: luck, honor, longevity, wealth and happiness, one to each of 5 reels.



Fishing Star, another fish hunting game available for 6 player. Easy play, easy win. Shoot fish, earn money.



Dragon is a really cool slots game found in 918 Kiss. This is an addictive slot to play and the bonus round is superb, with the music and graphics. Pure joy and fun.



To play this Boxing online casino slot you need to know only a few simple rules. At the beginning place your desired bet, then spin the reels and try to form the winning combinations on the active pay lines to get the prizes.